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Hi, my name is Camilla and I’m only a baby. Because the pound was such a scary place for a baby, I wasn’t coping and was about to be killed.

I need a forever home or foster to give me the love and time a puppy needs to feel safe and secure. I’m a ball of energy and due to not getting a lot of attention I get so excited when any humans are around. I bounce about and just want to jump all over you as most puppies do, but just need a little guidance. You see, I’m not used to receiving any love so I try and get as much attention as I can before I lose it all again.

I’m a very smart and affectionate girl, and my rescuer said I have so much potential. I’m super loyal and sweet, it won’t take me long to settle and know that this love and affection is for a lifetime. I’m a quick learner and all I need is a chance, I promise you won’t regret it!

I would love a home that takes me outdoors on adventures and gives me lots of cuddles and love. I’m very friendly and get along well with everyone including other animals. I do get a little over excited so need the other animals to be patient and understanding of my puppy excitement.

I really need to find a home ASAP, is that home with YOU?!

Thank you for reading my story, I hope my dreams come true and I get to start the life everyone tells me I deserve.

If you would like to meet Camilla please register your interest below or email the team dogs@deathrowunchained.org


Name: Camilla

Breed: Kelpie Mix

Age: Approx 4 Months Old




Location: Brisbane

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