Hi my name is Calli, and I have been waiting so long for my very own family, over 4 years now to be exact. I don't understand why no one has noticed me, it's been so long! I know I'm a big girl but I see other big dogs getting their very own families, I'm dreaming of the day I get to have one of my own.

I have an amazing foster family and they adore me, I have been with them for a while and they have taught me so many manners and showed me so much love. They say I am a big sook at heart and really just love being side by side with them ( that's true, humans ARE THE BEST ) . I do love have my morning routine, I sit next to my foster dad in the lounge room and watch TV with him and we have a slice of Vegemite toast together , I love the mornings and human food is so yummy. I really enjoy my walks and I'm walking much better now, I was a little untrained on the lead before I came into foster care because I had never been walked before, but now my foster family have shown me manners and I love to please my humans.

I don't mean to sound greedy at all, but I love my humans so much and love having all the attention, in saying this I'm best suited as an only doggy home, I know this makes things a little harder but my foster mummy keeps telling me there is a special someone out there that is meant to be blessed with a beautiful girl like me, she tells me someone just has to meet me to see what she does in me, my foster mummy always tells me how beautiful I am, it's nice to be treated like this after a life of no love from humans.

Well it's nearly time for my afternoon walk so I better go, thank you for taking the time to hear my story, I really hope that special Someone is reading this, I am waiting to meet my forever family and can't wait to know what having a forever family feels like. Much love and kisses Calli

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Name: Calli
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years old
Breed: large mix breed
Dogs: at this stage no
Cats: No
Children: Yes
Location: Brisbane

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