Hi all Becky here , I am the Merchandise Manager / Buyer here at Deathrow Unchained. I first became involved with DRU when I decided to adopt my beautiful girl Princess. After completing falling in love with her I found out she was actually heavily pregnant ! A week later my beautiful girl became a mother and I became a foster mum to 7 beautiful puppies. After raising the pups we fell completely in love with the beautiful Runt of the litter who soon became Rusty the Runt. We just couldn't let rusty go so our one dog adoption turned into two.

A little about me: I'm 26 Years old and have been with DRU for almost 4 years, By day I am a Retail store manager , I have two beautiful fur children Princess and Rusty and love helping out in the rescue where ever I can.

What’s your favourite Sanctuary memory?

One of my favourite memories at the sanctuary was the day we let Elvis and his late Brother Pedro out for there first free range run . Seeing them so excited to kick their legs and run was a beautiful moment.


Which resident has won your heart over all others?

The baby who's truly won my heart at the sanctuary is Benny


Merchandise manager/Buyer

For any product or retail inquiries

please contact Becky directly.

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