Description: Hey there, my name is Addison but I prefer to be called Addie. I came into DRU's care with my 6 babies, I was really skinny and I had burns on the pads of my feet. They were so sore! See I had no one to look after me, so I was outside in the summer heat with no protection, no food and no love but since DRU got me the best foster mum any cat could ask for I've been doing so much better! I am a really social girl and I love spending time with other cat friends and having long cuddles with my humans. I always make sure to greet them when they come in the door. But now my last kittens have been adopted and life has gotten a little lonely. My foster mummy said its my turn to find my forever home. All I need in life is someone to love, and if you're away from home a lot I'd really like a furfriend to keep me company while you're gone, just not one of those doggo types. So if you and your family are looking to add one more and you think I sound like the one for you, please send my friends at DRU a message and tell them you'd like to meet me, because I can't wait to meet you!

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Name: Addison

Age: 5 years

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Location: Brisbane

Dogs: No

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

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